Study Abroad

Step 1

Walk into our offices, or ring us and we talk about your interests. This enables us to have sufficient information about you and your needs. Using this information, we help you to choose the most appropriate course and institution. We will confirm receipt of your application and let you know when we will be in touch again. This process will only take hours and we reach an understanding of what you want and how we can help you.

Step 2

We assess your application form with the information you gave us and any conversation that we have had together after of which we set in to do thorough document verification.

Step 3

Here you select the course and institution of your choice you wish to study in. Thereafter you will be subjected to an interview at our offices on behalf of the institution you have chosen, this is mandatory.

We then help you to complete and submit the relevant application forms. With the vast knowledge we have, we offer you guidance and help when completing your applications. We guarantee your motivation application letter will have a powerful and appropriate personal statement for you to stand a high chance of being accepted by your chosen institution.

Step 4

Letter of application from the institute of your choice comes in. At this stage, you will prepare to pay the tuition fee needed direct to the institutions account. Please not that NO STAFF has to be paid the tuition fee at hand. You have to go and make the transfers yourself through the bank and all we need at our offices is just the original bank slip of which we shall need to verify it with the bank. Upon verification we then take a copy of it and attach it to our documents we send to the institution. On receiving the documents, the institution will send us an invitation letter we have to take to the embassy for visa application. In addition, you will need to begin preparing all the documents and fee needed for your visa application.

Step 5
In case of a scholarship , we shall help you identify various scholarship opportunities. You will Deposit initial fee of $200 for search application once you get a scholarship

Step 6

Study international Agency will work hand in hand together with you and help you with all aspects of your visa application, BUT all costs have to be met by you.

Step 7

Upon your visa approval, The development Analyst will work with you to arrange suitable transport and accommodation in the selected country . You will be picked from the airport of the selected country by one of our directors.

Guidance for program / courses offered by universities in Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, United Kingdom (UK), Canada , Denmark, Germany,
Egypt, Uganda, Switzerland, United states etc