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THE DEVELOPMENT ANALYST LTD-INTERNATIONAL is a leading Strategic Management, Governance, Development Communications, Public buying paper Relations and Marketing xyz homwork and Monitoring and Evaluation Agency in the region with offices in Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan and Rwanda, with a reputation for delivering quality ‘alternative’ marketing solutions to clients in Government, the Private and NGO sectors. Today, THE DEVELOPMENT ANALYST LTD-INTERNATIONAL boasts of over 50 Communication and Creative experts available for any of the fully established operation in Kampala, on Equatorial Hotel, Suite 125-126( and housed by VACID Africa( City Square, Nairobi-Kenya 3rd Floor, LAP Trust House, Haile Selassie Avenue. The team has capability and capacity to do handle any assignment of any size and in any region. The pool of associate experts is derives from the best from all over the world from Europe, Australia, Canada, USA, India, South Africa and Western Africa.

The Development Analyst Ltd is an international organization providing a wide range of consultancy services to several clients in the Private Sector, Governments and International Development Agencies.

It has a Strategic Development Communication and Management Centre (SDCM) that conducts trainings, abroad study programs and technical support in various fields in conjunction with institutes within and outside Africa (see appendix 1). It also publishes monthly regional Magazine and quarterly investors’ guide – The Development Analyst that is distributed in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan and beyond ( see appendix 2). The Development Analyst Ltd-International has offices in Kampala, Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya. It has also agents in Kigali, Rwanda; Juba, South Sudan; Mwanza, Tanzania; Abuja, Nigeria; Ghana, London, Canada and South Africa.


We focus on sectors like: Good Governance & democracy, Institutional Development, Capacity building, Strategic and Development Communication, Organizational Assessment and Development, Governance, Political Monitoring, and Resource mobilization. Our core competences also cover; Public Relations, Rural Development, Civil Society & NGOs, Education, Energy, Food Security, Gender, Health, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Micro-finance, Poverty Reduction, Procurement, Social Development, Trade, Youth, Monitoring & Evaluation. Besides, we also offer services in Resource mobilization, Information & Communication Technology, Communication and Media Agency for Funding agencies and their portfolio.


We have worked with Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation, World Bank Group, IDRC, IFAD, EU, DANIDA, AfDB, AusAid, EBRD, European Commission, EIB, IADB, UNDP,FAO,UNICEF, UNAIDS, EAC, International Agrosforesty Centre, CABI Nairobi, Association for strengthening Agricultural Research in East and Central Africa, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry & Fisheries (MAAIF) and others.

Since its inception, The Development Analyst-International’s management has focused on attracting high quality, professional employees and providing both a challenging and exciting work environment that allows for creativity, professional growth and opportunity. We carefully select and employ those individuals that share our passion for our work and dedication and commitment to excellence. Our Guiding Principles summarize our priorities and corporate philosophy.

  • We are committed to professional excellence by maintaining the highest standards of ethical practices and professional integrity
  • We are committed to taking on big challenges and finding creative ways to solve complex problems
  • We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality and responsiveness by delivering on-time and within budget
  • We are committed to creating a working environment that fosters innovation and creativity that encourages and rewards the entrepreneurial spirit
  • We are committed to technical objectivity and will look beyond the walls of our company to provide the best possible solution for our clients
  • We are committed to rewarding hard work, passion for our clients and excellence in our deliverables; we promote from within and seek to hire the best and brightest employees
  • We are committed to technology innovation and market diversification to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and deliver value to our stakeholders


At The Development Analyst Ltd, we offer integrated advisory and consulting services to companies, institutions and governments, development partners. We provide our clients with strategic policies and operating processes and provide international advisory services on:

  • Conduct studies such as need assessment, public opinion surveys, feasibility studies etc
  • Organizational Development, Governance, Growth and Poverty Reduction, Rural and Agricultural Development, Health Systems Strengthening, Water and Sanitation, Monitoring and Impact Evaluation, Communication, Media and Outreach Strategies.
  • Tactical Communications Services (TCS) covering the following areas; Implementation of Communication Strategies and Public Awareness Campaigns, Design and Production of Information, Education and Communication materials, Product Education and Awareness Campaigns, Experiential, and an interactive program for social marketing, Public and Media Relations and Event Planning and Management
  • Design and Management of interactive websites
  • Gender integration, Monitoring and Evaluation, Training and Capacity building, and Communications and Knowledge Management.

These have been applied in a variety of sectors including economic growth, democracy and governance, infrastructure and natural resource management, health and education. We also have experience in Business and private sector development, change management in organizations and drawing up policies and strategies

All applied in a variety of sectors including Rural development, Agriculture, Health, Water and Environment, Economic growth, Democracy and Governance, Infrastructure and Natural Resource management, Climate change and Education


The Development Analyst Ltd has a comprehensive experience in training and in know-how transference within the field of Organizational Development, Governance, Communication, Public Relations and Outreach Campaigns, Information and Communication Strategies, Organizational and Change management, Project Development and management, Monitoring, Documentation and Impact Evaluation, Knowledge Management and Private Sector Development. This background allows us to constantly perfect the working methods we use in workshops and seminars, in such a way that they constitute a clear added value. The Detailed Training programme( See Attached Appendix A)

Our training services follow these basic principles:

  • Simple concepts, neatly expressed.
  • Practical and interactive teaching.
  • Logical approaches.
  • Analysis of real cases.
  • Debates, tests and questions.
  • To provide the participants a ”tool box”

Technical Assistance

The Development Analyst Ltd actively works in providing technical assistance to emerging and developing countries in all phases of the project cycle.

  • Organizational Development,
  • Governance
  • Agriculture, Food, Nutrition
  • Communication Research and Planning
  • Development, Execution and Monitoring and Impact evaluation of Strategic Development and Project Communication programmes.
  • Planning and Execution of Public and Media Relations
  • Media Research, Planning and Execution
  • Policy advocacy
  • Social Mobilization and Advocacy
  • Media Engagement
  • Placement and Advertising in Development Analyst regional Publication
  • Develop and production of Information Education Communication (IEC) materials
  • Design and Management of Interactive Websites
  • Development & Implementation Information and Knowledge Management Strategies
  • Monitoring, Documentation and Impact Evaluation
  • Identification and design of programmes and projects
  • Technical and financial implementation of projects and programmes
  • Management and running of project management units
  • Management of ‘framework contracts’
  • Intermediate and final evaluation and monitoring
  • Change management in organizations
  • Drawing up policies and strategies

Studies and Research

The Development Analyst Ltd conducts assessment and research to determine baseline statistics, Brand Audit and re-launch, customer satisfaction surveys, and Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Assessment, organizational assessments, political monitoring, documentation and impact studies, as well as developing as a support tool for our clients. In elaborating studies, The Development Analyst Ltd applies the following principles:

  • Precision in the analysis, applying acknowledged methodologies
  • Focus on obtaining added value, including conclusions and practical recommendations
  • Quality of the final deliverables: studies with useful contents that are easy to comprehend

Project Evaluation

The Development Analyst Ltd is a specialist in evaluating and monitoring programmes and projects for aiding development. It uses widely verified methodologies that are employed by the main international donors, focusing on relevance, efficacy, efficiency, sustainability and impact.

  • Baseline formulation and feasibility studies
  • Inventorisation, stock taking
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Intermediate evaluation
  • Project monitoring and follow-up
  • Final evaluation

Institutional Strengthening

The Development Analyst Ltd provides assistance for the establishment and development of public and private institutions aimed at fostering economic and social development.

  • Organizational Development services
  • Capacity Building service
  • Governance Monitoring
  • Strategic advisory services
  • Policy and Advocacy /communication services
  • Organisation and structure
  • Design and start up of products and services
  • Financing
  • Hiring and training of personnel
  • Operating systems and processes
  • Comparative analyses and benchmarking
  • Performance evaluation

Project Management

The Development Analyst Ltd has extensive experience in the integrated management of local, national and international projects. Our experience includes the management of complex and multi-country projects with multiple beneficiaries. The Development Analyst Ltd professionals have an in-depth understanding of the procedures of the main international donors (EU, World Bank, etc.).

  • Establishment and management of ‘Project Management Units’
  • Management of ‘framework contracts’
  • Grant programmes and competitiveness funds
  • Budget support

The Development Analyst Limited has comparative advantage in the following services

Strategic Communications Services (SCS)

  • Development of Communication, Public Awareness and Marketing Strategies
  • Communication Research covering, Communications Baseline Audits, Knowledge Attitude and Practices (KAP) Baseline Surveys, Market Research and Customer Satisfaction Surveys.


Tactical Communications Services (TCS) covering the following areas;

  • Implementation of Communication Strategies and Public Awareness Campaigns.
  • Design and production of information, education and communication materials.
  • Implementation of stakeholders Relations

THE DEVELOPMENT ANALYST LTD-INTERNATIONAL One2One, which involves product education and awareness campaigns, experiential, and an interactive program for social marketing.

  • Brand positioning research
  • Brand asset review
  • Brand extension research
  • New product/service concept testing
  • Pricing
  • Brand logo recall and recognition testing
  • Brand equity measurement: awareness, preference, usage, value, accessibility, relevance, differentiation, vitality, emotional connection, loyalty, associations, personality, culture
  • Concept Development
  • Public and Media Relations
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Direct Sales and Marketing
  • Event Planning and management
  • Design and management of interactive websites

In an environment where organizations are increasingly dissatisfied with their public outreach strategies especially stakeholder engagements, THE DEVELOPMENT ANALYST LTD-INTERNATIONAL stands out as one of the few companies capable of providing truly integrated and cost effective communication solutions that enhance and improve the level of stakeholder engagements.


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