AVACID Africa Uganda Operations

Uganda Operations

AVACID AFRICA is working in Uganda since 2016, with a commitment to attain peace and reduce mass poverty in the targeted communities. AVACID AFRICA ‘s response to the challenges of Uganda is firmly based on a belief that people themselves are the agents of change and actors of their own development and therefore their ability to take action on the causes of poverty is what will transform the nation and Africa’s future. AVACID AFRICA works among vulnerable and marginalised communities in more than 6 districts in Eastern Uganda, responding to problems resulting from the economic, social and political context as well as the influx of refugees from neighbouring countries. Through a combination of practical support and civil society strengthening AVACID AFRICA is helping to rebuild the livelihoods of vulnerable populations and contribute to sustainable peace in this region.

Ongoing projects

Agribusiness and Value Addition:AVACID AFRICA in Uganda works in partnership with the poor and the marginalized to change conditions undermining social justice through participatory people-centred practical work, research, agribusiness, value addition, bus, Micro-credit support, Agribusiness Management, and advocacy. To this end AVACID AFRICA is implementing programmes focusing on Agribusiness, Value addition, Livelihoods supporting Rural poor and Vulnerable groups such as HIV/AIDS Victims.
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Livelihoods and Governance: Practical support is being provided to vulnerable communities including HIV/AIDS victim, IDPs and orphaned children secure sustainable livelihoods and food security. Communities are being supported through provision of farm inputs as well as domestic rain water harvesting and sanitation facilities to improve their health and production

HIV/AIDS: AVACID AFRICA is working to enhance the capacity of partner community based and women’s organisations and local NGOs, to raise awareness and provide services to people living with HIV/AIDS and orphaned children. Activities include developing comprehensive plans in collaboration with the government, to address the plight of orphans and vulnerable children, up-scaling domestic rainwater harvesting in Eastern Uganda particularly for People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLHA), providing support to music and drama groups, distribution of condoms, distribution of information and education materials, AIDS awareness raising radio talk shows, income generating activities and providing start-up funds for vulnerable families. AVACID AFRICA also supports local CBO and NGO partners to mainstream HIV and AIDS into their activities

Gender equality: AVACID AFRICA is playing a pivotal role to end the impunity on Sexual Gender Based Violence in 6 districts in Eastern Uganda.This includes protecting the rights of women and girls survivors of sexual violence; AVACID AFRICA in Uganda is also improving community justice by strengthening networks of human rights actors and paralegals in Eastern Uganda

Where we work

AVACID AFRICA is operating in areas prone to conflicts or in transition and recovering from conflicts including Kumi. Ngora, Bukedia, Soroti, Amuria and Serere In Eastern Uganda

Communities in Uganda tell their stories

“I used to spend 600 shillings daily (equivalent of 20p) to buy two jerricans of water. My children would collect water before school. They would waste a lot of time meant for school work. Today, with the tank on my doorstep, I am able to save this money which I use to buy school supplies for my children and they also make it to school on time,” says Akello, a resident of Koloin village. She is a widow with three children, living with HIV/AIDS. AVACID AFRICA recently erected a water harvesting tank near her home to ease the huge efforts required from the community to get potable water. She also asserts that she used to fall sick regularly, ‘every November I would suffer from typhoid and Malaria but since I got this tank I have not fallen sick’. She attributes this to the safe and clean water that she uses and the improved sanitation as a result of the project.

Our partners in Uganda

AVACID AFRICA receives valuable support including from Heifer Project, Send A Cow, SOCADIDO, College of Agriculture and Environment Studies (CAES), MUK and Uganda Government through the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS)

Operation in Uganda

AVACID AFRICA Uganda Chapter is based in Ngora Road Kumi District and the liason Office is housed in Pioneer House Plot 28 Kampala, Road. The Board of Directors’ include;Professor Michael Ocilaje – Board Chairperson and Professor Michael Ocaido (PhD)- Deputy Board Chairperson;

The management include; Mr. Otai Calvin Ag. Executive Officer; Ms. Josephine Etima –Programme Manager, Okiria Brian- Grant and Finance Officer while Richard Were is Production Officer. The organization has also field extension officers in each districts of operation. All the field extension officers report to Grant Officer