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Dear all Clients
As we head into 2017, we are now offering a 20% welcome discount on all fee packages for International Certification. All those who register for International Certification become automatic member . All those who are not registered Certification and wish to be automatic Members pay the annual membership fee is US $100 per person and US$200 for Corporate Organization, NGOs etc.
By becoming The Development Analyst member, you will gain access to the largest development information system in the world, including:

· Fees for International Certification reduced by 20 percent

· Receive e-version of monthly magazine on analytical issues on development, business, procurement, financial, job and grant opportunities

· An exclusive database of Country Strategy Papers issued by donor agencies, updated every month.

· CV and Contact details is broadcast globally to give your opportunity to get an international Job.

· Information on about each donor’s focus as well as their procurement guidelines and country eligibility.

Start 2017 off right by becoming The Development Analyst member. This special offer expires on January 30, 2017, so join the The Development Analyst today and make the world a better place!
For more information, send an email to: Buy info@devanalyst.com
Order Wishing you a prosperous and successful 2017!
If you have any questions or concerns, info@devanalyst.com Cheap for assistance.

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