Make love memorable this season

Make love memorable

This is for any couple who wants to enjoy this festive session.
Holidays can provide the perfect opportunity for romantic exchanges
of affections. Make it a romantic holiday for two and
schedule some time into your holiday festivities. It can always
be a memorable one for the two of you. Just engage in some
romantic home and outdoor activities. How do you plan this?
Spending a quiet Christmas at home does not have to mean
foregoing a fancy holiday meal. Prepare a romantic meal for
two with your lover’s help. Purchase some festive holidaythemed
aprons along with all of the supplies needed to create
a tasty holiday feast. Hit the kitchen together, whipping up
some delicious dishes while cuddling and kissing the day away.
When you sit down to enjoy your feast, you will likely find the
food even more delicious as you will appreciate the fact that
you made it together.
Dedicate your entire Christmas day to relaxation by holding
a Christmas movie marathon. Gather an assortment of your
favourite Christmas classics. Lay around on the sofa or in bed
with him/her, watching one film after the next while stuffing
yourselves with popcorn and other movie treats.
If you both are enjoying Christmas alone together, you will
not have any young-and-eager Christmas celebrators to pull
you to the tree at dawn. Instead of rising with the sun, enjoy
a breakfast in bed with your sweetie. Venture down to the
kitchen solo, or take your boyfriend to serve the meal and
make a quick-but-tasty breakfast. Pile the food onto a tray and
take it back to your bed, sinking into the pillows with your guy
by your side to enjoy the early morning delight.
Dinner cruises are sunset boat tours that last anywhere from
two to four hours. They often include dinner and entertainment
in the form of a band, comedian, or other show. You can
also invite friends to come along if you do not mind a crowd.
Employ the Christmas holiday as an excuse to exchange the
affectionate words that you may not take time for during the
rest of the year. On Christmas Eve, write a love note to your
boyfriend/husband, and ask him to do the same. Place these
notes in each other’s stockings. On Christmas morning, before
you dig into the presents, pull out these notes and read them,
reaffirming your love for each other and likely starting your
Christmas day off on a strong, and decidedly romantic, note.

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