Electronic Media Training

Course Costs:
Registration Fee: $50 US Dollars
Course Fees : 250 US Dollars
Certified Copy of Certificate: 50 US Dollars

Total: 350 US Dollars

May -November Program

Electronic media

The department 0f electronic media training regularly conducts training programs in instructional resource development related areas such as computer based LRs, 2D Animation and Video Production. The department electronic media training has multi-camera studio facility and trained technical manpower in the areas of photography and video production. The facilities are under modernization as per latest trends in digital video. The department has produced a large number of broadcast grade video films and lecture series in collaboration with industries and technical institutions. The range of its products also includes video sequences for computer based multimedia. A large number of students, industry persons and community at large have been benefited by these programmes. The electronic media department also has linkages with major industries and other agencies

Course name Course Duration(days) Target Audience
Theory of Radio and TV production 5 Radio and TV Producers, Journalist, reporters, Editors and Development Workers
Radio and TV News featuring 5
TV Operation and programming 5
TV and news gathering and production 5
Multi-Media network Practice 5