ICT for Development (ICTD)

The widespread hope within the international development community that ICTs could be a powerful tool of development and poverty reduction, and of achieving the Millennium Development Goals, led to a proliferation of donor-funded ICT-for-development pilot projects in several sectors in a wide range of countries in the past decade. Yet, by the time the international community was preparing to convene in Geneva in November 2003 for the first phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), there was a growing uneasiness about the lack of detailed information on the implementation of these projects, and rigorous evaluation of their impact. ICT for development


Course name Course Duration(days) Period Location
1 Business Solutions 1: Quick Books & Sage Accounting 10
2 Business Solutions 2:Introduction to Multi-Media Production & Digital Photography 10
3. Business Solutions 3: Adobe suite: Illustrator 5 , Photoshop 5 , in-design and Page -maker 10
4. Business Solutions 3:Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 & Adobe Dreamweaver5 10
5 Business Solutions 3:Adobe after effects 10
6. Website Development, Management & Marketing 10
7. Website Maintenance and E-Development 10

Course Costs:
Registration Fee: $50 US Dollars
< Course Fees : 100 US Dollars
Certified Copy of Certificate: 50 US Dollars

Total: 200 US Dollars

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