Web-Master Training


Course Costs:
Registration Fee: $50 US Dollars
Course Fees : 250 US Dollars
Certified Copy of Certificate: 50 US Dollars

Total: 350 US Dollars


Course name Course Duration(days) Target Audience
1 Photoshop CS5 5 System Administrators, Network Administrators, IT Officers, Database Administrators, Accountants, Webmasters, programmers, Researchers, Extension Workers
2 Flash CS5 5
3 jQuery 5
4 HTML5 upgrade 5
5 HTML and CSS 5
6 Dreamweaver CS5 5
7 Web Design Practical 5
8 Website Maintenance& E-Mobilization 5

Many webmasters are self-taught. They learn the skills they need through self-study websites that teach about programming and Web design. Formal education is earned through certificate and degree programs. Larger companies seeking candidates for a webmaster position may require a webmaster to have a degree in computer science.

Aspiring webmasters can earn a certificate through a 2-year college that teaches the basic skills of web authoring, script languages and hypertext-based Web content. Students learn about navigation and design principles that make a website more user-friendly.

Formal Education
Although formal education is not required by all employers, those interested in being webmasters can get their training through certificate and degree programs. These programs include courses in Web design, programming and Web authoring software. For webmasters who don’t do a lot of programming, an associate’s degree might be enough to get them started in their career.

A webmaster certificate program introduces the student to Web authoring, teaching skills in Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML), Web design, accessibility and cascading style sheets (CSS). Coursework might include an introduction to Web authoring tools, such as Dreamweaver or Front Page. Students are introduced to programming languages, such as PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP), application service provider (ASP) and common gateway interface (CGI).